Has an Excel File Ever Saved Your Life?

How about your soul? Your job? Or saved your marriage, your sanity, your skin, your ass, the planet, the elephants, your time? I absolutely guarantee that if you're involved with maintaining a content strategy for your business, this particular Excel file will save at least two of these things.

You already know that content marketing is more than just firing off a new rant every week or so. You're probably also pretty familiar with the challenge of brainstorming new blog topics, developing email campaigns, creating new landing pages, and maintaining a following! Well, now you have a tool to help you keep all that stuff organized in one place – the Bold Type Editorial Calendar! (Gosh, thanks Bold Type, you're swell!)

Thank you. And, you're welcome.
But there's more...

The Bold Type Editorial Calendar Template, being an Excel file, is easily customized, allowing you to add more rows depending on your content publishing frequency, edit the column headers, and do whatever you like with it, like changing the fonts to something just completely outrageous like that Rope font (for example). It will also help you see at a glance what your keyword usage looks like, your topic balance, the tone of your headlines over time, and your blogging frequency - all geared to keep you on track producing that high-quality content that your readers just LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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I mean, you do have a job, right?


The Bold Type Editorial Calendar

Who Is The Editorial Calendar For?
It's for you, that's who! That is, if you're the kind of person involved in determining what kind of content, emails, blog posts, articles, ebooks and web pages your audience is in to. Get it here, fella! (or lady).

Say, need some help with that content?

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