Are you getting enough new leads from your website?

A lot has changed in the last year in the digital marketplace. Online behaviors are evolving, the way we search for information has become more sophisticated, and the savviest of online businesses have adapted with agility to put themselves in the right place to capture more visitors. Is your business among them? Or has your website slipped in the rankings? 75% of all people conducting online searches never go beyond the first page of the search engine results page - being on Page 2 means you're probably not being seen.

Join us for our most popular e-series, 12 Weeks of LEADS! The 12 week email series teaches today's most robust approaches to gaining big increases in targeted, relevant traffic, and converting more of that traffic into new leads for your business.

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the e-Series that all the cool kids are on!

Who Is This eSeries For?
This eSeries is for website owners who are able to make changes to their websites, or who can direct someone to make changes for them. Each week focusus on a different topic and provides actionable items that can be accomplished within a week.

Topics Include:

  • Week 1: Content Redeux
  • Week 2: Long Tail
  • Week 3: Audience Process
  • Week 4: User Pathways
  • Week 5: Segmentation
  • Week 6: Low-Risk Options
  • Week 7: The Lowest Barrier
  • Week 8: Nurturing Leads
  • Week 9: The Modern Capture
  • Week 10: Segmenting Email
  • Week 11: Leveraging Blogs
  • Week 12: Integrating the Parts

Say, want us to take care of your website for you?

It's what we do, you know – we maintain websites, keeping them optimized for search, tweaking or creating content, and even making recommendations for improving usability. To find out how this might work for you, give us a call at (510) 206-5478.