Blog post: How to increase your influence as an in-house designer

HOW-TO. Say, are you an in-house designer? Kill some time while your manager isn't looking by reading up on what you can do to stop getting trounced upon within your organization.

Paradigm Real Estate Solutions

UNSCRUPULOUS CLIENTS: We've all had unfortunate encounters with the ethically retarded. Save yourself by reading this client horror story featuring Paradigm Real Estate Solutions of Danville, California.

Designers: Avoid Becoming A Commodity

ESSAY: Is Design Becoming a Commodity? The direction of the design industry, and what we, as its members can do to keep it thriving and valued.

Article: Legal Terms Every Designer Should Know

BUSINESS: If you're a freelance designer or owner of a design firm, there is a certain level of legal literacy that is essential for protecting yourself when you're in contract with a client. Get the essentials here.

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